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I just want a thick, 6 or 7 inch laptop with a foldable keyboard.

I don't know why nobody is doing such a pocket "laptop". It would be really great to type code. I can't really type properly with a touchscreen, it can be sluggish, maybe I need to get used to it, bu typing characters like []{}(); etc is not really practical.

Maybe because there's nothing else than android for something between a laptop and a smartphone. One might want a minimal OS, but that could do a little more than android.

Psion 5 2015 remix, yes please :)

The Sony Vaio P is a 8" laptop, closest to this. It has an insane high res screen too. It's really small, I had one.

Unfortunately it's kind of outdated and no manufacturer has taken up this unique form factor since the VAIO P. When they do, they are guaranteed to have my money.

For someone who heavily relies on keyboard use and mobility, I find it has upsides relatively to the tablet + keyboard cover in several ways. First, the specialized dimensions of the screen, chosen to match a decently sized keyboard, no more and no less. Second, the absence of a kickstand and the flexible rigidity of the keyboard/screen joint, making it a real "laptop": you can use it on your lap and on uneven surfaces.

i use a cheap android tablet (galaxy tab pro, $100) and a bluetooth keyboard+mouse (the logitech 3 device keyboard, and a msft mouse) $50 each.

I ususally don't use the keyboard+mouse, but do when I use teamviewer to remote into my work machine in a pinch!

it would be nice to find an integrated device I suppose, but it's nice having a full sized keyboard. Plus when I upgrade to something more powerful, I can still use the keyboard and mouse.

Like the old Toshiba Libretto. Or the Asus Transformer.

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