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What do you guys think about the fact that the current head of the FDA (edit: I am referring to M. Taylor, deputy commissioner of food and vet.) has spent a lot of his career working with Monsanto?

On one hand, we want someone running the FDA who has experience with the food industry. (Just as we would probably prefer having a manager who has spent time in the trenches coding).

On the other (tin foil hat) hand, has the food industry placed a 'friend' in charge of the people that should be regulating them?

You could argue that the best people to fight the bad guys are recruited from the bad guys, or former bad guys. After all, Frank Abagnale Jr was recruited by the FBI to catch check forgers.

> After all, Frank Abagnale Jr was recruited by the FBI to catch check forgers

He wasn't put in charge of the FBI though and I'd assume he had heavy oversight.

Insiders dominate pretty much every major government agency of consequence that deals intimately with the private sector.

Treasury, SEC, FDA, FCC, etc. They're all stocked full of cross-overs, that go from private to public and back or vice versa.

I don't think there's anything tin foil about it at all. It's de facto how the system works. I don't think it guarantees how a person will regulate, but it does probably trend toward heavy bias.

The alternative is what we have in infosec: the folks in charge of 'cyber' in the govt don't have a clue, because they have no background or connections to the 'industry' or technology at all. And it's a total disaster.

The FCC guy surprised us all though.

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