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Inspiring to read about anyone taking on the FDA to improve our food supply and the nation's health. Especially impressive considering that we're talking about a person 100 years old.

Goes to show age is not necessarily a barrier to productivity and creativity. Maybe it's fair to describe Dr. Kummerow as a kind of "geek" in his field. It follows that by all means we should honor old geeks, it doesn't serve our interests very well to discard them at 50 which I'm told is a current trend.

Article is a nice juxtaposition too, since just a few hours ago there was mention here of an article about diet and obesity. No doubt consuming substantial quantities of artificial trans-fats contributes to the health consequences of obesity if not obesity itself.

50 appears to be the number? When I was 30, I thought 50 was ancient. My doctor tells me 50 is when health problems start to climb the graph. I can tell you this 50 came too quick for myself. I'm not sure if being reminded 50 is old on a daily basis is good for the soul, or mental health? I'm thinking about disconnecting from all media, and advertising. They really bash the 50 and over crowd?

I was very scared of death in my 20-40's. I'm now 50 and I don't fear death like did when I was younger. I just don't want to die in agony like my father did. My father died of liver cancer, and it was beyond hell. I would not wish that pain he went through on my worst enemy. And yes--a Hospice nurse said it was 'just the natural process of death--'. The doctor came to the house once--I think?

I don't have a point other than the fear of death lessens as you get older. If you are reasonably healthy man in your 20-40's don't ruin your life ruminating about death. I did!

Oh yea, my generation is not my father's. There's no need to call me "Sir". I was born in the 60's. We are not my father's generation: We don't take ourself's seriously. We don't need to be doated on. We still look at the world as if we were children; meaning we don't trust the grown up's(the one's usually in charge), and dislike authority figures--abuse of authority. My generation was raised by beatings of orange Hot Wheel tracks, by Hippie/conservatives (father--conservative know it all. Mother--a hippie who was in need of therapy). We grew up and learned from our parents mistakes. Please don't lump my generation with all the others. We are just as lost and confused as most of you--just chronologically older. Sorry, about my neurotic rambling. I'm 50 alone, scared, and close to being homeless.

Join the club. http://jacquesmattheij.com/Fifty

I wouldn't sweat it too much, just ignore the number and keep pushing.

Cutting all advertising out of your life is a suggestion I'd heartily recommend, I did that many years ago as much as I could (outdoors it's a bit harder).

I don't understand why your country allows dogs to die in peace but does not grant humans the right to choose their own end. Here it is normal that someone says: "Ok, lets end it." And the morphine is increased slowly while you don't eat and drink. The fact that there is no evolutionary pressure to make death less painful does not mean your should experience the full effects of it. I mean your country does offer painless births (something my country is very hesitant in, I have no idea why, oh cultures...)

You answered your own question - because they are dogs. We also do not allow people to crush other people they consider pests, like an ant or a fly. Human life is considered of higher value than insects or dogs.

Perhaps I should clarify that "someone" means the person him or herself. Would you really say no looking someone you love in the eye while they ask you to end it?

Personally? Yes. I could not kill someone.

If you equate "relieving from unbearable suffering" with killing you must also equate not doing this with torture imo.

You value your own morals over the request of another, equal human being. To me that is your fundamental human right and I will not judge you for it. But I could not live with myself knowing that I denied someone I love their strongest wish while there is no cost to me personally. I'd feel incredibly selfish.

Just curious, would you actively stop someone in unbearable pain form killing her/himself or would you stop them? Would you help set up a machine to help someone kill her/himself?

Again, not judging, just loving this discussion and I'm willing to change my mind.

Could it be that the reason you fear death less as you get older is because you have done more in your life?

Or maybe because you know that certain things, if not done by now will most likely not be done in your life, and so the burden of "things left to do" is lesser as well.

I still fear death in that, like I said, I have many more things to do in life, but I've also known older people, even older than you, that fear death as well for this very same reason so not sure if this would be a potential reason or not, but I find it interesting.

PS. Sorry to hear you are going through a bad time :/

> I'm 50 alone, scared, and close to being homeless.

Would you like to elaborate?

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