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We have been meaning to get around to looking into this on my current project but haven't yet: I believe the browser's error event will return a column number.

> Column numbers in Firefox. Firefox is the only browser that doesn't support column numbers for exceptions. This makes debugging minified javascript essentially impossible. I've sent one patch but there's a lot more to do.


- written in 2014

but MDN now says:

> Column number for the line where the error occurred (number) - Requires Gecko 31.0


If anybody has live experience with this, I'm eager to hear about it.

Yes you get column numbers and that really helps as well, but as mentioned new lines don't really hurt that much and I'd rather have some new lines than none. In response to others about using source maps, I'm talking about production errors received from users in the wild who may or may not have source maps enabled in their browser.

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