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Are there any "uber for lawyers" services online

c.f. Lawdingo (YC 13), which is Uber for lawyers. No relation; never pulled the trigger on actually using it.

Incidentally, my last employment contract had a similar clause in it. After consulting with my bosses, who thought it was the usual boilerplate and didn't really expect a young engineer to have meaningful IP, we came up with a list which looked like:

1) Bingo Card Creator [the only IP I was really worried about] 2) Various contributions to the OSS projects listed in Appendix A [these days I'd literally just print a listing of all repos in Github] 3) Miscellaneous computer programs, inventions, and documents which exist on physical or electronic media as of $DATE and are impractical to list -- $COMPANY acknowledges this disclosure is adequately specific for its purposes

I tried #3. Company lawyers requested that I change it as it was holding up an acquisition.

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