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I quite like the ModMyPi Modular Case[1] for being nicely built, and having things like optional locking covers for the SD card and USB/HDMI ports, which can be set up so they're only removable after you open the whole case. Or you can trim the tabs and they are just aesthetic/strain relief.

The best part is a bunch of stackable spacer-plates between case and lid that let you put various stack-ups of expansion boards and still get the lid on.

My biggest complaints would be the lack of good mechanical drawings (although that's true of I think every single case I've looked at), and that the slots for LCD/camera ribbons are default-open, when they could have been a snap-away seam or something since I'm not convinced most Pis have them attached anyway.

This new one looks interesting, but the curvy bits will be a nightmare to put UI controls (buttons, etc) in, and (probably) can't easily be swapped for laser-cut replacements. Maybe 3d-printed ones? Although I don't know how durable a 1-2mm thick panel would be with most hobby technologies, and how long htey'd take to make.

[1] https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/cases/modmypi-single-co...

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