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I hope this will make it much easier to run your own (or your distro's own) kernel on Linode

While possible currently (and I do), it requires some pv-grub configuration, and IIRC recent distro kernels don't work with Linode's pv-grub version, and so quite complex a pv-grub chaining is needed.

WRT security, I'm much more concerned with getting prompt kernel upgrades from my distro or rolled by hand, when there are network exploitable bugs, than with hypervisor bugs that might allow the small group who share the physical hardware to do something naughty.

Tried it, and pv-grub gets converted to "grub (legacy)", and "grub 2" is also available as a "kernel" after switching to KVM. As well as "direct disk" :)

Edit: However, a system that had the debian pv-grub-menu package installed to create its menu.lst won't boot with "grub (legacy)". Installing grub-pc and using the grub 2 option also failed, with "error: hd0 cannot get C/H/S values" Interesting, never had trouble booting grub from kvm before.

I didn't have any problem getting Ubuntu 14.04 working on Linode with pv-grub. I had to go that route in order to use ksplice.

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