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Cool concept. Still don't think it's worth learning the lisp syntax for though.

Learning the Lisp syntax takes (quite literally) 2 minutes. Getting used to the Lisp syntax however...

Agreed. I think people sometimes use "syntax" to mean the entire package—code as data/data as code, immutability, functional transformation over data structures as opposed to mutation of objects and so on and so forth.

The syntax is literally,

  (verb arg1, arg2… argn)
and you're more or less done. The other stuff, however…

You're not a hacker as your name indicates. You should be interested in learning new things beyond your current understanding, and lisp has an amazingly rich history and rich future if I should say so myself. Live up to your name. You may find joy in that.

I really dislike that kind of attitude, even though Clojure is one of my favorite languages. There are so many things to learn in software and computer science, and programming languages -- even programming paradigms -- are a very, very small minority of them. Maybe the GP prefers to learn about data structures, optimization algorithms, scientific computing or OS design rather than new languages?

I actually find that learning new languages is among the laziest, and least important things to learn in software and CS.

Please don't put down other developers over what they choose to learn.

He seems to prefer talking about Lisp syntax instead of learning.

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