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In our class, we have discussed repeatedly that the best way to make money would be to start a new journal with the word "International" in it. The problem with some open access journals is that they accept anything. Apart from Computer Science(and physics as mentioned in the article), where most papers can be found as open access, there isn't an alternative for universities to buying content, even if open access were to be the new norm from now due to large amount of historical content.

Is this really a problem that universities or governments could not solve on their own. Ideally an educational institution, or a syndicate of them should run academic journals on a non-profit basis, period. They are the users of this, they are best qualified to know how to actually keep a certain level of quality.

That being said academia these days is full of shit anyhow. So quality of the publications reflects the quality of the institution.

There are actually tons of scam journals. I get emails semi-regularly asking me to submit something to these scam journals that usually don't even have anything to do with my research let alone any credibility.

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