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My question is, long term how does SV not become just another large bureaucratic / corrupt power center like D.C. or Manhattan? Today it feels good to see those who deserve it get rewarded, but I imagine that's how people in NY felt about Manhattan when it was a fraction of what it is today. Same of course with D.C. shortly after (for example) the American Revolution.

SV's basically already becoming a center of entrepreneurial finance rather than entrepreneurism. Fewer companies can afford office space and fewer non-repeat founders can afford rent in palo alto, mountain view, sf, etc..., so the people who live in those cities are increasingly those tied to the finance of startups but with higher salaries like VCs and lawyers.

Property is so expensive because supply is being artificially restrained.

This conversation does not need to be had on this thread.

Why not?

No, because the entrepreneurship business has boom and bust cycles. Here's a portrait from 1982:

"Q: Why are people so willing to sell out their employers?

A: Two reasons. In the confrontational style of American management, people are pitted against each other ruthlessly. There is no trust, no loyalty. Reason No. 2: Money speaks. Life in Silicon Valley is very fast, very competitive. To keep up, you have to drive a Mercedes, live in a $300,000-to-$500,000 house, have a pool in the backyard, a cabin in Lake Tahoe if you’re a ski buff, a yacht in Santa Cruz Harbor if you like to sail. You have to belong to the Decathlon Club or the Palo Alto Golf Club and send your kids to private schools like Bellarmine or St. Francis. Then there are business dinners, cocktail parties, barbecues. It all costs money."

(from http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20082780,00....)

But then the 1970s entrepreneurial revolution faltered and SV had to reboot. Between 1984 and 1992 most of the old power centers were weakened. SV could reboot, and did with the Internet companies. Similar thing happened after 2001.

300-500K? for a house in Silicon Valley? With a Pool?

The linked article is from August 1982.

Because SV generally allows for creative destruction (viz. failure).

It already is a hub of shills thumping worthless idefas and driving the hivemind to rally around it

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