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Netflix sent me 6 channels for Daredevil, and the sound production was amazing. If you've only heard it via stereo, you missed out on all sorts of excitement.

Good multi-channel sound immerses you in an experience, and is worth a significantly smaller screen as a trade-off, if you have to make it.

That's the perfect movie for demonstrating the potential of multi-channel audio. The only problem is that you're also relying on the viewer to have proper speaker placement, sound levels and speaker calibration. Autocalibration (YPAO) is simple and easy but hardly anyone knows to use it when installing their $300 home-theater-in-a-box.

Master and Commander is another film with great surround sound. A number of years ago now, Dolby Labs used the sound from that movie as a showpiece in their SOMA theatre.

Brave? It was the first Atmos movie, so I've just assumed that the downmix to 7.1 and 5.1 is equally as good.

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