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My Uber drive today was bemoaning how hard it is to get a job in the DC area with his name, Mohammed. I said that wasn't right, but there's no reason he couldn't go by Michael or Moe. It's interesting to see that on this form, the "Related Person"'s last name is "YC CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT I, LLC". I suppose it's not terribly remarkable, but it goes to show that many of these forms have ambiguous meanings that are wide to receive.

> there's no reason he couldn't go by Michael or Moe.

One might be disinclined to cater to hateful ignorance, for starters.

Nonetheless, this is a common strategy that's used by people with names that sound non-white. Not everyone is responsible for combatting larger structural injustice while they're just trying to get employed at a sustenance level.

If he really needs to feed his family, it's a legitimate option.

"Related persons" are specifically defined in the instructions to include entities and in such a way that they generally include management companies and general partner entities.

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