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It would be interesting if Y Combinator attempted to convert to an entity that was able to publicly list on a stock exchange and sell shares to the average investor - much like private equity shops Blackstone and Carlyle have done by going public.



If there is a bubble valuation in the public-to-private market, YC could potentially arbitrage the valuation difference into cash for its LPs.

I dont think YC is as hellbent on maximizing short term returns and renumeration as much as your traditional firm...I think they honestly give a fuck about making a positive difference with their money and making long-term, technological progress manifest. They're not short on money and probably have no philosophical interest in abitraging valuation differences into cash. They just dont seem to worship money that much as an end. Which, imo, is a good thing.

Agreed! That'd be really interesting. I was thinking more BERK though. Wonder if Sam's Shareholder Letters could receive the same readership as Buffett's Shareholder Letters.

I think you mean BRKA / BRKB

Sam Altman talked about this on the Econ Talk podcast, I believe he said he has 'no interest' in running a public company.

GSV Capital is already playing the same niche http://gsvcap.com/investment-portfolio/

As well as some Fidelity and T. Rowe Price mutual funds that you sometimes see mentioned in late-stage deals.

It'd be great to see what their actual IRRs are if they did that.

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