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A case? Seriously, what?

There's an unused display connector on millions of Pis, and the firmware stuff for CSI is not open so you can't connect $random_camera_chip to your Pi.

That's where the priorities should be, imho.

Please remember that Raspberry Pi is an educational charity, with a focus on advancing computing education.

For parents and kids, a nice case to protect the hardware with easy access to GPIO pins is probably more of a priority.

But there's already a huge external market for cases of all sorts, I wonder why the Foundation needs to throw in yet another option...

Call it what it is - an extra way to raise funds. Because they're non-profit and could supposedly use the proceeds on the next iteration, I have less qualms with them doing it than the myriad of case manufacturers out there.

... or is it a Broadcom marketing scheme masquerading as a charity?

At the recent Maker Faire in Washington, DC, I asked the Raspberry Pi guy about the DSI display and he said that it is coming soon, but he didn't have specifics. The delay appears to be the complexity of getting it cleared for EMI. They have a ton of them ready to go once they are approved, apparently.

He did have one of the AstroPi boards, which looks like a fun thing to play with and will be generally available at some point.

I don't think so. The DSI and CSI connectors are of limited use to most Pi users compared to an official case.

DSI? Well you could make a nice good computer out of a Pi, just link a decent display to it.

yes! Where is dsi-pi already? We don't need a case when pibow already does an excellent (better than this?) job already.

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