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Yes. That's not even though most impressive thing. He built his own scanning electron microscope (though that's not the one he used to produce these images).

His channel is a lot of fun. https://www.youtube.com/user/bkraz333

I find it interesting that he worked at Valve until recently when he moved to Google X. He doesn't really talk about his jobs in his videos though.

>His channel is a lot of fun.

Checked it out and I agree. I have to wonder, though, if his money shrinking experiment is such a good idea. Isn't that sort of treatment of currency prohibited by law?

It's along the lines of the machines at tourist attractions that stretch out and stamp a penny.

I've inspected such a machine thoroughly on one occasion and was able to determine that the machine switched the penny for a dummy before performing the flatten and stamp operation.

Perhaps that particular machine did (I suspect you're mistaken though), but that is not the norm. Mutilating coins is not illegal in the United States.

My favorite is 'I've got this oscilloscope and wanted to test it, so why not do this in style and connect it to my DeLorean.'

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