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Emacs IPython Notebook (tkf.github.io)
86 points by sea6ear on June 16, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

At one of my clients I basically live in jupyter and emacs. One of my issues with jupyter is that I'm often in a mode where I'm doing development and some analysis. The browser client is pretty good for analysis but rough for development. Emacs is much better for development. Though this mode has a few rough edges, it appears to be coming along quite well.

I have been using the

  ipython console --existing
command to connect to the same kernel that the browser is attached to. I can do more complicated coding in that repl (inside of emacs). Then, when I need visual feedback, I do some kind of one liner plot and hit play in the browser.

It works pretty well, but maybe this will make the whole thing smoother.

I just saw this today, which might allow you to save the context switch and just always work in a terminal/emacs REPL:


I do the same and also recommend this approach.

I think the notebook is great for prototyping things, it's so nice to see the output inline with the code.

Once the code is mature enough, I copy/paste it into a python module and check it into version control. Then in a notebook I just import my function to generate plots or analysis without cluttering up the notebook.

Thank you for that link. I knew the old stuff didn't work with new ipython, but I didn't realize development kept going somewhere.

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