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I tried out Atom a few weeks ago. I loved the UI! Absolutely fantastic, beautiful, nothing but praise there.

But I had so many issues with stability, and really missed small but important features that were present in my other editors. I also found that most of the plugins worked either poorly or sporadically.

In the end, I decided that it was not worth either using Atom or spending time contributing to it when I have some "pretty close" solutions today. Definitely looking forward to the 1.0 version though, and hats off to all those spending their time contributing to it. I'm sure it's going to become something great!

I'm curious about which features you missed present in your other editors? What are those editors by the way?

For me specifically, Atom was mostly replacing Notepad++. At the time I was testing out Atom, I found that it didn't consistently save the documents you had open during your last session. There may or may not have been other things, that's the biggest one I remember.

Neither it nor Notepad++ could handle gigantic text files, which is a real shame as well, though not a point of comparison.

there is a plugin called last-session or save-session if I remember well, one of the first I installed.

Yes, save-session is good, but it has no idea how to handle multiple window panes. It just throws all your shit in one big ole pane and you're left to pick up the pieces.

I had this same experience. Had Notepad++, tried Atom and Brackets, uninstalled Atom and Brackets.

https://github.com/atom/autosave disabled by default.

Switching over from sublime - I noticed the last session problem, found a plugin for that. - Searching for files and ordering of files presented is a bit different; in Sublime I'd get more relevant files first (in a Rails app) typically you're wanting your controllers/models/views first. I haven't spent time comparing but logically I think it should be presenting the files closer to the top of the tree first (well at least in a Rails app), maybe this can be another plugin. - Laziness on my part yet, haven't found the command for vertically selecting all lines at a given position. - Don't open a large minified JS file... kaboom.

Having said that I'm fully stoked with it in other respects; and I can see the minor annoyances getting fixed.

FWIW, I've been using Atom since it launched. For the past several weeks it's been so bad, unstable and slow I switched to another editor. Now with version 0.209.0 Atom is back to what I'm used to.

Atom will be a really nice editor, it's just going to take some time, and it does have rough patches now and then.

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