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I like Atom! However, sadly a simple regex search can kill it in 5 seconds.

This is exactly the case that is better as a result of these optimizations.

It's still much slower than, for example, Sublime Text. A search for a single letter [1] in a ~5,000 line file occurs instantly in ST, but takes about 1 second in Atom. It's not much, but it's very significant from a UI point of view.

[1] I know such a search is ridiculous, but both editors perform search-as-you-type, although atom does attempt to delay that if you type quickly enough. Anyway, it's just an example to demonstrate the speed difference.

Just like in emacs and vim there are plugins that let you use ack and grep: https://atom.io/packages/atom-fuzzy-grep

The built in search is slow (for now), but they have been steadily making gains and use performance testing to measure progress.

There's still some major algorithmic optimization to be done regarding the time it takes to run the find-and-replace search. The optimizations discussed in this blog post were more focused on the performance of editing the buffer in the presence of large numbers of search results.

Right. Don't get me wrong, the article was interesting and I appreciate there's a lot of hard work going on. I really hope atom is a success because an open source equivalent of Sublime Text would be very welcome.

>"an open source equivalent of Sublime Text would be very welcome."

Good news, it exists. If you know Go it's possible to see it sooner: http://limetext.org/

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