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one thing I would say is that i have had good fortune with recruiters, providing they are a decent recruiter they can ensure 0 downtime between contracts and if financial stability is a concern then this should notbe overlooked. One thing i have found is that finding a good recruitr and sticking with them has ben more useful than calling a handful of agencies and using the shotgun approach.

I would note that none have ever told me the name of a client prior to me accepting to be represented by them and I have been introduced to a client company who then asked me to work directly through them and to bypass the recruiter (and any fees the client company would be paying to them). I refused as it was a single contract for 6 months and burning bridges with anyone isnt worth it for that sort of duration. Plus the recruiter had got me the interview within 7 days of me getting in touch with them.

YMMV just my 2cents.

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