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> I would encourage you to consider whether there may be more useful primitives that the Erlang VM could support for this case, if you aren't doing that already

It is a chicken-egg issue though. Before proposing anything like this to the OTP team, I need to prove it is usefulĀ and have folks build something relevant with it. So I need to make the best with the abstractions we have today and then make a case.

For this reason, a lot of the challenge will be in optimizing the "topologies" to avoid copying as much as possible. Data-based algorithms for parallelism (farm, pmap, etc) will likely be more useful and that would be the next milestone.

> Some of this is personal development bias, I have to admit, in that I don't really "believe" in APIs that try to abstract away the difference between local and network traffic.

That's a very good point. I was also warned by Konrad from the Akka team that, if we rely on ack messages for back-pressure, they likely won't work on a distributed setup as messages have no delivery guarantees. This means we wouldn't be able to abstract the network anyway.

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