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Steven, if you're reading, you got your history slightly wrong. System V got its init handling from Sun's SunOS 4.x. It was negotiated as part of the integration between SunOS and System V which would become the "one UNIX for everyone". Unfortunately for all of us, AT&T really really loved "run levels" and Sun really really liked BSD's way of configuring the system. Which got you the unholy love child you saw in Solaris 2.0 and System V release 2.0.

For the other Sun folks from the systems group who quit rather than submit to the demands, you were right, I was wrong. We couldn't convince them of the error of their ways.

Thanks for the info. I've updated that section of the article with a note (and a link to this thread).

This history looks wrong. Eg it was SVR4 that merged SunOS

You are correct it was System V, release 4 that merged with SunOS. It was also the release that Sun and AT&T "combined" the BSD init/rc system with the System V init/run-level system.

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