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It's about time we got a decent location-based deal searcher. The website runs very smoothly for an initial release, and combines tech and business acumen :)

My suggestions may have already been previously suggested, but here they are - Instead of saying "No deals around you, defaulting to NYC", you may want to look into something that implies that Postabon is on a nationwide rollout or that it's only available in NYC at this point. I'm in Chicagoland , and from the current message, I would just assume that Postabon is a failure in Chicago. Just a thought -- You may even want to embed (in the text of the webpage) something that asks the user to submit an email and/or state their location (pulldown of major metropolitan areas) if they are interested in receiving an email when Postabon launches in their area. - Make the deals = bon equation even more obvious so that there's no way the user can miss it. I'm using Chrome, and the text blurb explanation isn't very catchy

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