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> What happened to the server fast-boot thing? I was under the impression you guys wanted to ship it with 2.0; has that feature been scrapped / moved into a separate project altogether?

SEO-only FastBoot shipped in canary a while ago (as the `ember-application-visit` feature). It is designed to work with the FastBoot addon (https://github.com/tildeio/ember-cli-fastboot).

Rehydration, the big enchilada, depends heavily on the Glimmer work, and should begin momentarily.

> There was no mention of the deprecating changes to the initializer API (i.e. the splitting into instanceInitializer and vanilla initializer). Have we gone back to the old initializer API in 2.0?

We're sticking with the split-apart API we shipped a few releases ago. It's important to make FastBoot efficient with real-world addons.

> With the removal of action bubbling, do we now have to manually bubble up actions that start in some nested controller but gets handled in application route? For example, say you have an AdminUserController and it has an action that generates an ephemeral flash message, but you handle flash rendering in your application route. Do you now have to laboriously put an actions: { handleFlash { ... } } on every route along the way?

We're starting with more laborious (with services as an escape valve), but have some ideas for conventional situations where you could get away with less ceremony. Stay tuned! (by which I mean, there will be RFCs in the near future addressing this kind of issue).

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