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Interesting. I recently spent a few months implementing almost exactly the same idea. It’s at http://gotosale.net/

It’s been dormant for a few months now, after I realized people wouldn’t just magically start posting sales for the benefit of random strangers, especially when practically no one knows the site exists :) Marketing isn’t my strength, I sort of lose interest after the build phase. You guys have taken it further than me, with a much more polished iPhone app and the whole karma thing - kudos.

I am pretty certain that the idea has merit - everyone I’ve talked to about it were excited and said that they would use such a site, and probably pay for an iPhone app, but getting content has proven to be difficult. I haven’t given up on it yet, and I intend to give it a fresh go very soon, with a slightly different approach. I’m sure there’s room for both of us.

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