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Abandon the 'bon' word ASAP. Nobody really likes cutesy made-up words. I know that in French it means coupon, but use common language.

It's like the recommendation to not use custom UI. Same reason, nobody likes to learn something just to be able to use your site. It raises the cost of entry for new users, and hardly provides any benefit, not even for you (Brand ? Stop kidding).

The name's good enough. It's no worse than Xynga.

Not sure if you took a close look at the site, but the problem isn't the name, it's usage of the word "bon" in places like "Search Bons".

Oh, I see. Yes, that is a mistake.

Makes sense. We'll look into changing that (to 'Search Deals', e.g.).


That's no so good when that company is really Zynga and a search for Xynga doesn't really take you anywhere interesting other than this post

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