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I figured out what the site was about when I first loaded the page, but only because the popup told me "No _deals_ around you, redirecting to...". You _need_ to have the word "deal" somewhere on the page in big bold letters. As soon as I saw that word, I immediately knew what the site was about. But it was only in a popup!

After selecting a deal on the map, drag-scrolling the map deselects it. This is especially annoying when the description text is bigger that the map view (e.g. "3 Day Bloomingdale Holiday Sale").

It was hard for me to notice the "Search Bons" button because of the way the page is laid out. The map / sidebar visually separates the page into parts, and having the search components span across those two parts feels a bit awkward. I suggest you add a separator under the search stuff, or move the categories/button to the left part of the page, under the two text fields.

I noticed on the "more info" page, you have a "save bon" link. Do you plan to have this link accessible on the main page as well?

This is just an idea, but it seems very fitting to have the results list scroll up/down when clicking next/previous.

Overall, I really like the idea, and I think it's pretty well executed. I think it has great potential once it gets more content. Time to start scraping :)

If users can log in and create entries for deals in their area, then perhaps the initial page should be more like, "No deals in your area; log in to add some!"

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