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I actually found all of the pop-up divs a bit annoying. It is a nice feature to have the pages display the pop-ups that darken the remainder of the page for features where you do not feel like you should leave the page, but honestly, I would prefer some of the other pages to load. I am not sure if you know what I mean from my description so I will try saying it again. When browsing web sites, sometimes content is dynamic and it does not need to load the entire page. However, to have a pop-up div for what seemed like everything I clicked is a bit of a bother. It does not seem to flow as well I would have liked in that regard.

Also, I had no idea what the site was about at first. I had to actually search the site a bit to even figure out what was happening.

In regards to the idea, I think it is a decent idea, but this seems like a feature that may be best featured within another web application. After this is perfected, I can see the potential for a company purchasing it if only for integration within their own products; however, it does not seem like it has much potential value until you add a bit more to it. It needs to be tweaked slightly. I would continue focusing on the core concept just a tad longer before moving on to additional features.

Which pages in particular were you thinking of? We're only really using the modal displays for login, create-account, and 'flag-deal' right now.

We also added some intro words up top.

We have a pretty easy to use API that might be integrated with Centrl/Loopt/etc at some point in the future. But, I'd argue that the fact that retailmenot/slickdeals/fatwallet/etc are independent sites validates the 'deal finding' model and suggest we could surive individually as a niche site.

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