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A weird problem I'm getting: it focused in at the top of Brooklyn for me (where I am), and showed some restaurant deal (this: http://postabon.com/pc/deal?guid=138&lat=40.694&long...). However, it was at the top of the map. Instead of trying to click a small target, I pulled the map down so that it would be in the center. As soon as I let go of the map, the point disappeared and loaded a bunch of other pins a bit further north. It'd be great if you could make it so you didn't delete the pins that were on screen before a move and stayed on screen after the move.

Ah, that is annoying.

Basically, I only have space for a lot of info about 9 deals - and I chose to display the 'best' 9. So when the viewport moves it checks if something better has appeared (or if one of the old best has disappeared). Deals out of the top 9 are noted by small 'dots' which you can click for more info. (Or you can paginate through results ...).

I think that those dots may not be large/noticeable enough though ... Thanks for the heads up.

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