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Well - that's enough for me. I'll write up some real blog posts on architecture in the coming days.

But the short version is nginx reverse proxy into hunchentoot, with elephant (and a BerkeleyDB datastore).

Edi Weitz's html-template for html (I personally love cl-who/parenscript, but I could imagine working with front end devs who don't know Lisp - and it seemed like it might be easier for them this way). The HTML is basically purely static - and everything is pulled in with AJAX (well, technically JSON, not XML). I've done some fun things to hunchentoot's sessions so they are completely stateless and, in the future, I could imagine just moving the entire site (html, css, js, etc) to some fast static file CDN, and just load balancing asynchronous API requests across a few Lisp servers. But that's a ways down the line ...

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