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Looks nice, but goddamn... These things are always US-only...!! And I'm not talking about the language.

If some startup would actually make anything, literally anything that was global, I'm sure it would get a segment of a market that nobody's utilizing.

edit: And a Javascript alertbox letting you know you're going to see new york instead... That's not helpful.

Looks nice, but goddamn... These things are always US-only.

This one actually has a reason: it takes a lot of effort to contact small business and get offers from them. Remember, once Postabon catches on it can rely on users uploading offers, but right now, at the start, smanek has to do it all by himself.

Ok, well then it's reasonable.

I have to disagree with you, as it showed almost the exact location of mine in Bursa (a city in Turkey) I wonder how it managed to find my location so precisely.

If you're using Firefox, we can scan the Wifi access points around you - and compare them to some dbs for ridiculously accurate geolocation. In NYC it's almost always better than smart phone GPS.

See https://developer.mozilla.org/en/using_geolocation for some details

Yeah - I'm sorry about that. We're only useful where we have content - and we only have content in NYC for now.

How would you prefer we degrade if there is no content in your area?

How would you prefer we degrade if there is no content in your area?

You're a Lisp shop, there should be a continuation/condition-system based error handling mechanism that teleports the user to NYC. NewLisp has a WITH-NEW-JERSEY macro.

Nice, I just found a 'with-deafening-applause' macro in the hyperspec too - why doesn't anyone tell me these things ;-)

Hey, I'm in Amherst, NH right now and since there's nothing up here it sent me to NYC. However, you have some content in Boston which is much closer and hence more useful to me.

If there's nothing in the detected area, can you move to the closest bon instead?

We have a handful of deals in Boston/Chicago/SF - but not really enough to be useful. Unfortunately, NYC is the only city with reasonable coverage right now ...

If I'm going to be showing deals not near you, I'd rather be showing great deals from 200 miles away than poor ones from 50 miles away.

In steady state, we'd definitely do some sort of 'show nearest deal' instead though ...

Maybe just show the best deals, no matter if they're close to me or not ? :)

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