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Show HN: Goalie – A habit tracker (play.google.com)
38 points by amozoss on June 9, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 34 comments

Like it. I'd love to see a way to set a weekly allowance. E.g. I set "eat junk food" at 0, but really, I want to say I can do it once per week as a treat ;)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm hoping to add occurrence to goals soon :)

Sweet! I had the same idea recently based only on incremental values. I'm trying to quit smoking but I still cheat from time to time (I know, this is bad.) and I wanted to be able to track my progress.

I'll give it a try for sure.

I really like this idea. I've been looking for something similar on iOS. I'm currently going back and forth between two solutions for daily + weekly goal tracking: (1) Coach.me (formerly Lift), which works well but has a bit different focus, and doesn't provide a ton of visualization; and (2) simple tasks on Google Calendars, which is okay on desktop, and not great on mobile, and not really suitable for goal tracking overall (understandably).

Something fully contained like Goalie but for iOS would be awesome.

Looks great, will be checking this out. One piece of constructive criticism from the preview images is that the title font sizes are a bit large and that the different font faces are a little distracting.

Congrats for releasing your app, and kudos for sharing with us here!

Thanks for mentioning the fonts. I try my best, but I'm not that great at designing. I'll revisit the fonts for my next update

Design is definitely not my strong point either :) Google's design pages[1] have been a big help to me, they call out specific things to do and not to do with Material design. I think they put it together in a way that can help engineers out.

[1] https://www.google.com/design/spec/style/typography.html#typ...

The app looks really useful and props on getting it out there. Another design related suggestion (especially for an app that features color so prominently) is to find a good color palette at a site like http://www.colourlovers.com/ and stick with that. No one should be picking their own colors in 2015 :)

I was aiming for colors to be a way to organize yours goals into categories and hopefully it isn't too invasive

At least keep the colors choice as an option if you do change it in any way! I am using it exactly as you said, to group like goals.

Edit: Plus it adds a little fun to it and makes it feel more personalized imo.

Any chance of a widget? Currently using "Day Counter" to track days since last X, but it doesn't have any concept of streaks or goals.

I wasn't planning on it for the 1.0 push, but maybe I'll stick it in as a paid feature.

Installed it, will give it a try. And I appreciate the '3 goals try for free' mode for now.

Exporting the data seems to generate somewhat readable json. Nice and simple.

1) Can I import that again, somehow?

2) Will you try to make sure that this json import/export format will be understood in versions 4 month from now?

1) Yes, eventually. 2) Yes, any json exported using the app will be understood in future versions.

If you happen to follow threads here:

Notifications/reminders are great. They'd be even more great if they'd disappear after me adding to a goal.

Think: 'Remind me at 9 to have breakfast'. Eat. Open Goalie. Swipe right. Browse HN. :)

10:00 - still seeing a reminder for breakfast that won't go away without dismissing it manually.

You're in luck. I'm adding the notification dismiss tonight. Great feedback, thanks!

Nice, reminds me of Tap Log. I'll give it a try.

Your address seems fake.

It says I can pay to make it adfree, but I was not prompted about a network permission? Local ads sound like a great idea that keeps your users' privacy. I don't see any though.

I made it ad-free until after 3 goals. Then it'll show ads (just trying something different).

I don't think apps need network permission for displaying Google ads.

I love it, especially showing the graphs on the dashboard.

Constructive criticism - I wasn't sure what the swiping introduction was for. I think you could explain it a little better.

Coach.me is similar for iOS.

And web and Android. Goalie looks nice though. (but also, thanks for the Coach.me mention)

I found the UI quite nice, but that after adding a fourth goal ads started showing up in the bottom ... which ruins the whole experience for me.

Since its my first app on android, I'm still figuring out exactly how I want to limit things. I'm open to feedback.

I'm not really familiar with Goole Play but I assume it's not too hard to offer a paid version that's ad-free?

I do offer an in-app purchase to remove the ads. So that is definitely an option.

Anything comparable out there for iOS?

I would have been willing to pay an upfront fee, but in app purchases is a massive turn off

Why? It's actually much easier to try it for free and pay the in-app purchase if you like it. Otherwise you have to go back to the play store and find the paid version.

This app changed my life. I have found a new sense of focus, and it has even improved my marriage!

And it also put your kids through college?

You do realize that we can see when the app was published on PlayStore(initial release on June 9th). Unless your life and marriage were changed within couple of hours of using it.... Also, welcome to HN.

That was fast.

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