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Maybe Microsoft or Amazon, but talking with and listening to interviews with former Apple employees, that definitely doesn't seem to be the case. Nitin Ganatra (who I think was head of iPhone apps) had some super interesting interviews on the Debug podcast about the early software development of the iPhone, and those cats were clocking eighty hour weeks and certainly believed they were going to upend the technology industry. Don Melton also had some super interesting info on life at Apple.

If you have a few train rides to blow, these are some super interesting looks into the internals of Apple: http://www.imore.com/debug-47-melton-ganatra-episode-i-demoi... http://www.imore.com/debug-48-melton-ganatra-episode-ii-unde... http://www.imore.com/60-melton-ganatra-episode-iii-shipping-... http://www.imore.com/debug-39-nitin-ganatra-episode-i-system... http://www.imore.com/debug-40-nitin-ganatra-episode-ii-os-x-... http://www.imore.com/debug-41-nitin-ganatra-episode-iii-ipho...

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