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Not sure if this is true - I would like to see some stats.

I think the problem is that the press will not write about some founder as "ex Apple engineer", "ex Oracle engineer", etc. It is not cool. The story will sell if founder are "ex-Google", "ex-Facebook", "ex-Dropbox", "Y-combinator", etc.

For example, if you are ex-Oracle, then you need to have significant revenue in order to be mentioned in the press as ex-Oracle fonder (PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Sibel, etc.). If you are ex-Google, you need to raise 100K seed and press will say ex-Google.

I disagree entirely. Many of the Nest articles that I read were heavy on the "ex Apple" rhetoric.

Maybe because it was founded by former Senior VP and the "father" of iPod, not just some random Apple engineer?

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