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As one of the first users, all I can say about Omniflow is AMAZING. I believe that most of us who frequently use our computers to take notes were forced to adjust our tastes and habits to the weird sometime-large-some-time-small bullets style in MS word and the tedious/complicated process of creating tree structures. Omniflow saved us, it is incredibly user friendly, with a simple TAB, now I can organize my thoughts in a few seconds. TAB when a subset is needed, shift+TAB when I need to go to the upper level. I'm still using Omniflow on a daily basis whenever I need to take notes during a meeting and this simple tool made my life much easier.

PROTIP: Include some minor criticism and tone down the praise next time.

As a developer, and the most importantly, as a user of this website, I see no reason why my 1 point was taken off. We all know that kind of feeling when we can call a taxi within just a few touches with Uber, or Share all of the great moments with Instagram. This is why we are pulling all nighters just to develop a free website that doesn't seem like it is gonna make us millionaires in a few months. Please go ahead and try one of these websites here and let me know if I said anything wrong in my comment about this Omniflow. And please remember to give the 1 point back to the developers of this great website. Thank you.

Of course outliners are better tools for making indented lists and trees than are word processors.

But could you explain in what ways Omniflow improves on the many existing outliners, such as those listed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outliner#Browser-based_outline...

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