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came across this quote once, and got stuck to my mind for life. Hope this quote inspire you.

if you have courage to end your life, what else you are afraid of? why not you continue to live on to see where's tomorrow got for you? - [1] anthong wong

original quote 你连死都想了那还怕什么,敢死不敢活啊?你就活下去看看明天是怎么样

[1] [chinese][video] http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/UVCLmDVwT_A/

This is powerful, thank you very much for sharing it.

It's going to stick with me, for sure.

This is what I don't understand as well. I'm sure there's a feeling that things will never get better, but for the people who're considering suicide because they lost their job/they're in debt/whatever external, why not just pack up and leave to a distant country to start a new life? There's literally nothing more final than killing yourself, so why not just give starting a new life a shot?

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