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Treasure Data has a trove of roles open from Frontend Lead (angular.js) to Sales Engineers. Some roles are remote, the rest are in our Mountain View, CA office. Yes on H1B's.

Lots of things open: Frontend Lead role (partial remote OK): https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/f670b692-b9a7-432e-bec1-... Sales Engineer, solid data analytics experience needed: https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/4753052d-4a83-43cd-b3e3-... Account Exec, NY/Boston area: https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/c06e2d66-bf3d-49d8-8fbb-... Data Scientist, customer facing: https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/2991e41d-fea8-4ca6-a19c-... Director, Demand Gen: https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/9cc0fafd-b02d-4d1f-a1a7-... Distributed Systems Engineer (systems programming, algorithms, data structures, Java, and C++): https://jobs.lever.co/treasure-data/411beebe-3612-4c9b-a389-...

Lots more going on here. You can reach me directly at petra@treasuredata.com with questions or interest.

You can find out more about Treasure Data on this video: https://youtu.be/lFxJgTD5eqw (yeah, a little long for the general public but I bet this audience will want more details...)

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