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Classy is hiring engineers in downtown San Diego, CA!

Classy is a fast-growing startup that is revolutionizing online fundraising – finding money and supporters that no other solution or strategy can. As a VC backed company with triple-digit revenue growth and customer retention that beats the world’s top SaaS companies, our products are used by thousands of Social Impact organizations. We’re doubling our Engineering team and looking for engineers of all types. Our offices are located in the bustling Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego. Everything is built on open source (Linux, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, MongoDB) and cloud platforms. Come join us in doing what you love to do, while making a dent in the world of philanthropy.

Apply here: Software Engineer: http://stayclassy.workable.com/jobs/63660 QA Automation Engineer: http://stayclassy.workable.com/jobs/63664 DevOps/Security Engineer: http://stayclassy.workable.com/jobs/60580 We look forward to hearing from you!

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