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Vantage Analytics | Toronto, Canada | http://gotvantage.com | Growth Marketing Lead

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the Vantage Analytics team is made up of diverse, creative and fun individuals. Our culture is open and flexible. We believe that people do their best work and are happiest when they are given the freedom to shape their environment and are surrounded by amazing colleagues. There are no suits here. We wear jeans or shorts and we often have dogs in the office.

We're looking to hire a Growth Marketing Lead. This is a vital role, you’ll be responsible for growing our customer base of paying customers and tightening up our conversion funnels. This position will have complete control over managing and driving customer growth so having a desire to lead and manage a comprehensive growth strategy, as well as the skills to help execute that strategy, is critical.

You'll need to take on the traditional marketing world, SEO and paid channels (AdWords, Facebook, 3rd party networks, etc), content marketing, and the new techniques of growth-hacking, all with a heavy emphasis on data and analysis to run experiments and validate hypotheses.

The successful candidate must be passionate about using data to make decisions and taking the company vision to new heights.

We’re looking for someone who embraces failure in testing, learns from it and makes their decisions better the next time around.

Full job description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18oiu0gd3kh_D7aSUga03WLvd...

Interested? Email jamil.velji@vantageanalytics.com

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