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eShares (https://esharesinc.com/) | Mountain View, CA | ONSITE | FULLTIME | VISA

eShares is set to bring technology to a financial market that's been stuck in the dark ages. Prior to eShares, private companies tracked ownership with rusty legal documents and paper stock certificates. We're replacing that with technology and bringing needed transparency to the process for companies, founders, lawyers, investors, and employees. We're in the process of launching the one and only zero-cost tender offer, letting companies offer liquidity to their investors and employees.

Many of the companies you see on this page use eShares, from the early stage startups all the way up to tech giants in the $1B+ club; clients range from a few entries on their cap table all the way up to thousands+ of employees/investors.

We're looking for a few more FULL STACK ENGINEERS / FULL STACK GENERALISTS. Desirable skills include:

* Python / Django * JavaScript * PostgreSQL * AWS / general dev-ops (not strictly required, but a nice to have) * General web development

A financial background is not required. We're great at teaching newcomers how private equity works, and have a trove of domain knowledge at your fingertips through our private equity teams.

Why choose eShares?

- Great benefits - Get involved at the financial center of the startup world - We recently raised our Series A funding through Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital - Rapid growth (more than doubled in the last year) - Great engineering/product team with some fantastic product designers - Sane work/life balance

We're also looking to hire a few equity analysts (strong Excel, strong communication skills, multi-tasking, eager to learn private equity).

CONTACT: eric+20150601@esharesinc.com

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