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IBM UrbanCode | Downtown Cleveland OH & Raleigh NC | Java & JavaScript Software Engineer | All experience (and pay) levels

UrbanCode is an enterprise DevOps solution creator acquired by IBM in 2013. Since then, we've grown tremendously, and need more smart people to take us to the next level.

We're looking for all types of coders, from frontend UI/UX ninja to backend sensei, from experienced product team leads to ambitious fresh-out-of-college types.

Fairly Agile-ish. Automated Build / Test. Monthly Release. Pseudo-sprints w/retrospective. Kanban board. Free food is common.

We use Slack as much as we use Notes, I promise.

tcgarvin (at) us (dot) ibm (dot) com

Applied beginning of March using the Netmedia site, which an employee sent me a link to. Application status is still "under review," though that specific Software Developer job is apparently "no longer available." Never heard a word from you guys.

It's certainly not a problem or a point of frustration for me - I found a gig - but you should know that in conversation with other recent CSU grads you have kind of slid into the "don't waste your time" category. I hope that feedback is somehow helpful.

Thanks for the candid feedback.

We've had a variety of CSU grads even this year come on board. That being said, there have been hiccups around things like the Netmedia site. That's one of the reasons we're seeking applications through alternative (better?) means like HN.

If you know people who have put IBM UrbanCode into the dustbin of unresponsive job postings, I'd absolutely encourage them to reach out to me.

Thanks, I will do that. It certainly looks like you're doing interesting stuff.

Could you give an overview of your stack?

Some common components are Dojo, Jersey, Hibernate. Git. Selenium, JUnit. A few in-house frameworks/libraries, as you'd imagine. Regular fiddling around with newer things as well. (I just wrote a simple Bootstrap chrome plugin, one of the teams here was trying react on for size not long ago, for example)

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