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One of the devs said yesterday that API integrations are coming soon. After this, replacing Meteor's Blaze for something like React could make this a serious slack alternative...

What specifically would a user notice with the difference between Blaze and React? I get react is a bit faster under the hood. Its not something that would make this a 'serious' alternative?

I'm an avid react user and I completely agree. It wouldn't make it a 'serious' alternative just from that, although I would always love to see react used :).

The serious alternative is having both: API integrations + react, specially the first one... Like you say, react alone won't make a big difference, but it could potentially make the UI less laggy.

Remind me what slack offers over xmpp+web client, and/or irc+web client (apart from the lock-in, and marketing, I mean)?

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