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Einstein: NewtonOS running on other operating systems (github.com)
37 points by jasonmp85 on May 29, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

While the Newton was a little before my time this has inspired me to pull out my drawer of CLIÉs, Palms, PocketPCs and other misc PDA stuff and have a play. Now I just need to find a MemoryStick Pro...

It would be cool to see NewtonOS on an iPad or Android tablet. With current CPU power this would be a great system.

>> Einstein officially runs on MacOS X with partial support for iOS, Android, Linux and Windows.

Maybe one day :)

I still have an eMate sitting here, those things were (are) amazing, especially sharing (beaming) files to each other. And with the wifi card in it, I still fire it up and play occasionally

I really thought Dylan was a wonderful language back in the day... and I see no reason that with some effort this couldn't be a fine OS for maker/hardware hacker mobile devices.

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