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d-Threeact: Making d3 and React the Best of Friends (siftscience.com)
160 points by henneska on May 23, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I think this makes sense. I've been trying to use react-d3 but I think I'm already getting some friction integrating. The tooltip and point click handling is exactly what I'm working on right now, so I think I'll switch to fully my own integration based on this article. Thanks a lot!

this made up to front page with no comments (discussion), strange.

Happens all of the time, many people only monitor the front page so discussion doesn't start until they've read those articles.

My voting MO is to upvote articles that I'd like to see discussed, then check back later in the day to enjoy said discussion. Rarely do I enjoy the articles as much as the comments, and comments also provide a (usually) good filter as to what articles are worth reading. I also understand that this is a fairly common pattern here.

If multiple people submit the same article around the same time, the duplicate submissions are considered to be immediate upvotes.

That said, 100+ upvotes with 4 posts is quite unusual, particularly for an article about front end dev technology.

Very odd because the discussions are quite often more insightful than the linked pages/articles themselves.

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