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This goes two ways. Oftentimes employees act like entitled children as well. You are not "owed" anything for your loyalty to a company other than a paycheck for services rendered.

Well, would you not feel entitled to something if you were told "do this, keep at it, and surely you will be rewarded with X".

Quotes to look out for in that regard: "You're going places", "You have a future in this company", "Your work is so valuable".

Indeed. Many employees expect the company to bear very significant, parental-type responsibilities without assuming any real obligations themselves. Employment is a new transaction between two parties every day -- it occurs only so long as it's mutually beneficial, just like every other transaction. No one, neither employer nor employee, should expect more than that.

Whats loyalty then if not doing things that aren't fully in your own interests for the interests of the group? Why do people insist on simplifying relationships and work to a transactional standpoint? Do you not see the significance it has on your life?

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