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Meat – A free self-hosted Git collaboration platform (getmeat.io)
66 points by sizixverteuk on May 22, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 75 comments

Proprietary license, no source. https://getmeat.io/license

Not just a proprietary license: a license written by someone who doesn't understand how licenses should be written.


  You further acknowledge that title and full ownership 
  rights to the Software will remain the exclusive property 
  of BigHit and/or its suppliers,
There are all kinds of other bush-league errors and naive contradictions in there. It's a bit embarassing.

Hi guys, Alexander from Meat! over here.

Thanks for expressing your concern, it's totally understandable and we appreciate that.

Now, to clear things up: we're a team of 10 and we spent an entire year on developing Meat!, day in, day out. To be honest, the license was our least concern, we just wanted to give you software that wouldn't be just another GitLab clone (hi there GitLab folks!) and we didn't devote the license the attention it required. Sorry about that, we're going to give it a closer look once we get some sleep this weekend.

Anyway, if there's enough response from the community for Open Source - then we'll do Meat! Open Source. We've never had any problems with that and we never will. Just let us know.

We're going live next week and you'll be able to evaluate the software for yourself. Your feedback will be most welcomed.

Cheers, Alex and the Team at Meat!

  Anyway, if there's enough response from the community for
  Open Source - then we'll do Meat! Open Source. We've 
  never had any problems with that and we never will. Just 
  let us.
I hear this a lot. Why wait? Who cares if there's no community response? It costs you nothing to throw up a repository, and it's free advertising. Maybe you'd even have time to talk to a real attorney about getting a useful license in place. Your potential customers would be able to answer their own questions by looking at the code, and enthusiastic supporters will submit improvements for free.

If your service is worth money, it will make money regardless of who can see your source code, but it does not reflect well on your team as a business operation that you were unable or unwilling to properly construct or acquire the single most important document relating to your income.

Hi there Meat folks! Congratulations on the release, it looks really nice. Can you elaborate on the reasons for making something new? Feature wise GitLab CI already has deploy jobs, the only thing I see that is still missing from GitLab are chained builds http://feedback.gitlab.com/forums/176466-general/suggestions...

sytse, our deployment system is completely different from yours - I think the best idea is that you leave your email at our site http://getmeat.io and we'll send you an invite next week so you can check it out for yourself.

I think that comparing Meat! to GitLab is more like comparing Star Wars to Star Trek (choose whichever you like best) than, say, choosing between the the Lannisters and House Targaryen :)


Cool, I've signed up for the SaaS with web2008 at sytse dot com

Open source would be really great and a must for me to consider running it.

However, I don't understand the apparent outrage and flaming going on by others here. If you guys would've only had a payed plan without the option to self-run there would've been no problem. You offer self-hosting for free, something that you'd pay for with other services, and you are suddenly seen as the bad guys. Very strange.

Congrats on a very nice looking tool :).

You've misunderstood the real issue. Not being open source is mildly annoying, but not really a problem.

The actual problem here is that, having decided to use a non-free license for their code, they created a shitty one, which will not hold up, and is unsuitable for use when entering into a commercial relationship.

They still have plenty of time to repair this before going live, or public, or exiting stealth, or showing anything to anyone, or whatever they feel like calling it. But such an obvious misstep is very, very concerning to see in a company that proposes to maintain the software that manages such an important resource.

It is not so much the issue at hand, it is more the way in which it is raised that I was aiming at. People are pretty aggressive in the formulating of their issues with what the guys behind Meat have done. There is no need for this.

You might be excused if your project wasn't intrinsically related to the most popular DVCS in history.

Just publish the repo, right now, and hope for the best. Don't forget to include a license file.

Can you think of another action you can take right now that would change public opinion of your project more? :)

Bonus points for self hosting!

So I can't download the software?

Cool, I won't.

jędrek, możesz :)

Meat people says:

> Do you want Meat! to be open-source? Pleas tell us @getm3at why you think it is important and we will definitely consider your opinion. We want Meat! to be adopted as widely as possible :)


it look pretty nice!

I love their Nigerian email scam-like address:


badmadrad, if we did it Nigerian style, the address would be written in a much fancier font :)

> Leave your email now and we’ll send you a free invite:

> Request your free download now

Nah, thanks, just point me at the repo.

Looks like an interesting project, but yeah, either open it up or go pound sand.

I agree with all of the others that the licensing on this product is wonky. In fact, the EULA is between the person who download it..... and a music industry company? (BigHit Management Ltd.) Um, no. I don't think so. Big Hit can keep its software. I will keep my options open only to software that is more in tune and in line with the FOSS belief.

numberwhun, please read our response under the first comment at the top. We're definitely not a music industry company, in fact we're far from any big industry :)

Alex from Meat!

This is non-free, actually. What's the point of self-hosting proprietary software?

Maybe you don't want another company to be able to look at your IP. Or maybe you want or need to hold yourself to a higher security standard then hosted alternatives. If your code is hosted with a third party out on the Internet, your own service now is only as secure as that third parties.

It's just weird to combine "free" with "proprietary" in a self-hosted context. If it's free and self-hosted, why are they not allowing access to the source? Considering the possibility of your IP being leaked by a proprietary program on your server, maybe that higher security standard should include an open requirement.

Given the success of Github:Enterprise I think this is not considered weird by a lot of folks (admittedly deep-pocketed ones :) ).

Open-source is not just about the product's source being visible. They would need people to review patches, venues to interact with contributors, a policy to publicize future features to avoid clashing with contributors' work…

Those are project management/administrative details that have nothing to do with the definition of open source itself.

As it stands, the project's continuous use of the word "free" to mean gratis when marketing software meant for other programmers (if it was for non-technical users, I wouldn't object), I find to be deceptive.

they could also do visible-source.

Cool! I think it will got more users when it's OpenSource. You can check https://github.com/httpsGithubParty/FOSS-for-Dev to see how it works.

It looks interesting, but really needs a live demo I can play with. The screenshots on this page make it look really simple (probably TOO simple)...

Are there open-source alternatives apart from Gitlab that anyone can recommend?

I must say that Meat looks very good.

http://phabricator.org is actually really great. It started in-house at Facebook. We've been using for the better part of year and I absolutely love it's code and design review tools. It also has a really nice CLI for managing your different reviews. Oh, and you don't have to worry about actually hosting the repos yourself (not worth the headache to me), you can just connect it to your github repo.

Don't be scared by the fact that it's done in PHP. It's actually really well done is very active in bringing out new updates and features.

I also highly recommend Phabricator - it has excellent tools, active (paid) developers who are excellent people, and is very easy to maintain and use. I also think it simply scales to bigger projects much more effectively than GitHub (in some important ways - like emphasizing rebase and small, continuous development, a better UI, and better notification and commenting/review system as well). That's just me, though.

We use it for GHC, and I've had bugs fixed within 10 minutes of finding them on our live install thanks to the devs. They've also helped us write extensions and customize our Phab install. We've had a very good experience all around.

Definitely want to check this out. Did they redo their site post F8? I had talked w/ some FB devs at the react conference and one said that the code review process at FB was the #1 thing that made him a better programmer day in day out.

Cool suggestion, I will give it a try. Great that it works with existing repos.

Gogs is interesting but it doesn't have a full pull request workflow built in. It runs on super small hw requirements which makes it nice if you just want to use it for yourself.

Can second that, gogs is great. It takes 5 minutes to set up and the source is all on github.

Too bad that it doesn't have pull requests, but that still makes it acceptable for private projects. Might just be the excuse for buying another raspberry ;).

There's https://kallithea-scm.org, but I haven't tried it.

It's a fork from Rhodecode if anyone is wondering. New version of Rhodecode offers git/hg/svn while Kallithea offers git/hg

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't really like the interface though. Meat looks a lot nicer.

Hi mosselman, just curious to know why GitLab doesn't fit your need.

I am not sure that it doesn't. I found it a bit of a pain to setup the last time I tried though. Apart from that I mostly meant 'apart from Gitlab' because I have already played around with it and was looking for a fun new thing to try out.

OK, thanks for the feedback. Installation has become much easier over the years. Please let me know if you run into any problems with https://about.gitlab.com/downloads/

Omg, it's awesome! The interface... stunning. I work in the 'lil team of fifteen people, working on social network focused on students and young developers, and this, this made me think and want more... It's awesome!

PS. I love the name. I will spread it! Keith

It's "free" and "self-hosted"... but is it "open"?

i think it's something like gitlab with free option 3 repos max.

Except that Gitlab has an open-source community edition, and a visible-source enterprise edition. Meat seems to be entirely proprietary and closed-source.

Thanks TeraFlop, good to see our news of the visible-source enterprise edition spread so fast https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9588729

huge turn off for vegans...

When I get around to working on and publishing some personal projects I have in mind (well: if I ever get around to such things...) I'll be deliberately picking iffy names for two reasons:

1. I find it amusing to irritate people who are so easily irritated by that sort of thing (I know, I should poke bears, but...)

2. People not using the project because of the name acts as a self selection device for the userbase. The sort of people who care so much about the name are more likely to be the sort of users who are costly (or impossible) to try keep happy generally...

Why not care about a name? To someone who cares about animal rights the name "Meat!" and cute little pictures of steaks trivializes and normalizes something they might find abhorrent. You wouldn't name your app "Abortion!" and if you find yourself saying "well, that's far more offensive than 'Meat!'" then that's just you assuming your values apply to everyone.

Also, there's a bit of a gap between being uncomfortable with something and being "impossible to keep happy".

They can of course name their app whatever they want, but it seems to me that if you're selling something as innocuous as a git hosting platform that you'd do your best to distance yourself from something so needlessly alienating to potential customers.

> Also, there's a bit of a gap between being uncomfortable with something and being "impossible to keep happy".

In may experience (everybody else's may of course vary!) people who are easy to offend are also difficult to please. I deal with difficult people in my day job, I like a break from them in my personal projects!

> but it seems to me that if you're selling something

Now that is a significant point - once you are actively selling on an open market then commercial concerns (if nothing else) dictate you be careful about naming.

Of course there is nothing to stop you haveing two names: the free-for-personal use "Agent Ransack" also goes by "File Locator Pro" for commercial licenses, presumably because the latter sounds more professional.

I'm a vegan and the name didn't "trigger" anything. That's anecdotal though, and I'm definitely not a militant vegan.

Edit: thought I'd mention that 'meat' has many definitions, one being male genitalia. Also, possibly "The essence, substance, or gist" (had to look that up for good verbiage). If it was something more like "bovine slaughterhouse" then I probably wouldn't be interested in it at all.

The naming, alone, was enough for me to chuckle and give the link a click.

Cool, It's not for vegans :D I want to try it! I hope it's not for fruitarians too! I hope it's biiig juicy T-bone steak :)

idibidiart, all vegans are most welcomed to Meat!, we make no exceptions! :)

Alex from Meat!

Looks pretty nice. I've been using/administering GitLab for our company, but I've always found it a bit heavy for our needs. I might give this a shot and see how it is.

GitLab CEO here, I would love to know what kind of heavy is the problem you're experiencing, hard to setup? hard to upgrade? cpu/ram/disk usage? too many features?

Mostly, RAM problem. We have a budget server with 1G RAM, had to restart Gitlab everyday, otherwise we get constant 500 errors.

I'm sorry to hear that. Just checking, have you added 1GB of swap? https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/blob/master/doc/inst...

How do people find and respond to any mention of their company on HN? I get why you'd want to, it's fantastic PR to seem/be so engaged with your users, but where do you find the time? Is there some monitoring service that notifies you whenever any keyword is mentioned on social media?

2 ways:

1) This thread is about a kinda-competitor to GitLab, so maybe he was just here reading it.

2) There are monitoring services like: https://zapier.com/zapbook/zaps/675/post-message-slack-when-...

Thanks for appreciating our effort. Responding takes a lot of time but it is a lot of fun as well. We use http://notify.ly/ to ping us in a Slack channel to be able to respond fast, highly recommended.

Thanks for recommending notify.ly ^^. Much appreciated :). Bahaa CTO of Notify

Thanks, great service, nice to see you here on HN.

Here's an RSS feed of all HN comments: http://hnrss.org/newcomments

Add it on a decent reader, filter for the word "GitLab", and you're done.

mention.com does that

I've been thinking about buying a Raspberry Pi 2 to run Gitlab on it. Do you think it is feasible or will the performance be too bad for normal use? I'll be hosting about 2-3 repos with 4 users on it.

Thanks for considering GitLab. That will work, please see https://about.gitlab.com/2015/04/21/gitlab-on-raspberry-pi-2... for more information.

Do you mind if I ask why you think it's "heavy" ? I've been using it for about 3 years now and think it's an awesome tool. It's done me very proud at two different companies, as well as a personal install.

How can I get an invitation. Please let me in ;) It looks interesting

tom_r, just leave your email at the site http://getmeat.io, we should get back to you with the invite next week.

"It's state-of-the-are"

Fixed, thanks for pointing that out! [Alex from Meat!]

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