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We have dedicated servers in colo. I'm upgrading to new SSDs on a server-by-server basis, as I have the opportunity to do so. This one just hasn't been upgraded yet. That wasn't really the question, though. Whether writes take 30 seconds or .1 seconds, if I don't care, I think there should be an obvious path to make it take a millisecond by letting it just "commit" to RAM and then return.

Which, it seems like there is in the innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit option, which is awesome, and which I'm trying out, now.

If you try the value 2 please write here if it's better for you. It can be a good compromise: "only an operating system crash or a power outage can erase the last second of transactions." It still doesn't "flush" so I guess it can work really good.

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