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>and performance is always a problem.

Have you proven that your performance issues are SQL related? If you configure mysql correctly and give it enough RAM, a lot of those queries are happily waiting for you in RAM, so you have a defacto RAM disk. Finding your bottleneck in a LAMP based CMS system is fairly non-trivial. Think of all the php and such that runs for every function. Its incredible how complex WP and Drupal are. Lots and lots of code runs for even the most trivial of things.

This is why we just move up one abstration layer and dump everything in Varnish, which also puts its cache in RAM. Drupal and WP will never be fast, even if mysql is. Might as well just use a transparent reverse proxy and call it a day.

Disk writes are the problem in my case, and I'm comfortable making that assertion (I'm not new to this particular game). Reads are plenty fast, it's writes that are a problem. Certainly, it is a pathological problem with the disk subsystem that makes it suck, but it does suck, and if I could flip a switch and say "stop waiting for the disk, write it whenever you can" without risking breaking consistency on crashes, I would do so.

It seems like, from another comment, that setting innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit to a non-1 value is roughly what I want, though it still flushes every second, which is probably more often than I need, but may resolve the problem of the application waiting for the commit to disk, which is probably enough.

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