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10k? Those sticks of RAM alone will cost you something like 75k USD. Then you'll need the processors, arguably 4 of the top of the line 18-core XEONs at 5000 USD each. Then you'll need to put it all together with software and a (properly cooled) rack, not to mention the terminal(s) to access it, plus the personnel to put this baby together for you. This box could easily cost you 150 grand.

Its not cost effective to use non E5-class Xeons, or go above 32GB DIMMs right now.... So you want a Dual-Processor setup, 16 DIMM slots, so 16x 32GB = 512GB w/ Dual Proc -- which you can do for about $10,000.

That's a very nice piece of kits for 10k I have to say. Thanks for the "sweetspot" price/perf advice. Seems like excellent value. I've had my heart on a badass mac pro but these specs put it to shame.

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