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I took a look around for "high-ram" servers, and it seems one I can buy today, is HP ProLiant DL580 Gen9. With just 256 GB of ram, it clocks in at 540.995,- NOK (71.5k USD). It has 96 ram slots, and I can't seem to find anything bigger than 32 GB DDR4 RAM, and rounding the price up 96x32GB comes to roughly 672.000,- NOK (~90k USD). Adding that up (throwing away the puny ram installed), gets us to a little over double the original price, or 1.212.995,- (~161k USD). This has 4 18 core E7s (72 cores) clocked at 2.5Ghz -- and 3TB of ram (half of max, because of 32 GB dimms).

It is true that while the jump from 256GB to 3TB is "just" ~2x -- I could get a server for 1/10 of the price of the original configuration -- but only with 4GB of RAM, and nowhere near even 18 hardware threads.

If you are CPU limited (even at 72 hw threads) you might need more, smaller servers.

But such a monster should scale "pretty far" I'd say. Does cost about half as much as a small apartment, or one developer/year.

Dell sells servers with 96x64GB RAM. There is a huge (7x) premium for the 64GB DIMMs instead of 32GB, so it runs around 500k, with almost the entire price going to RAM.

A Dell R920 with four E7-8880L v2 15 core processors (e.g. 60 real threads, 120 with HT), and 1024GB / 1TB of memory costs about $50,000 USD. To go to 1.5TB of memory pushes you to $60,000 USD.

Expensive in a relative to a low-end server or month of cloud usage, but that's an absurd amount of computational power.

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