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Stripe CEO here: this story is false. We've never even contemplated raising such a vast amount of money.

Direct as they say from the horse's mouth. I would not expect you to elaborate. However, thanks for making such a kick ass product!

Thanks very much for using it! (Feedback always welcome: patrick@stripe.com.)

Are you guys coming to New Zealand? I need a payment platform for a service I want to launch.

^ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4633971

I've been watching for updates for almost 3 years :( Gave me so much hope. There are a few local startups that have tried to replicate Stripe, but their customer service is absolutely atrocious.

According to Crunchbase you've already raised $190 million.


I guess that's just shy of a "vast amount"? What planet are you guys on? It's insulting.

There is a difference between $190MM over five rounds in five years vs. one round of $500MM.

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